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Can You Lose Weight with Serotonin Pills?

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If you’re familiar with mood enhancing supplements, then you’re probably aware of the mood-boosting neurotransmitter known as serotonin. There’s no doubt that this brain chemical influences our mood, however, it also plays a key role in appetite and weight loss.

There are serotonin pills on the market, targeting weight loss for those who have been struggling to shed those extra pounds. Do these pills work? If you have been trying to lose weight, you know that it is a challenging and sometimes overwhelming task. Based on reports from the Center for Disease Control, more than one-third of adults in the United States are considered to be obese.

That means that millions are combatting their weight which is directly threatening their health. Why is it so challenging to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight? What can be done to make the weight loss journey easier? In many cases, the inability to control one’s appetite plays a major role in being overweight.

In this regard, serotonin pills could help target this aspect of one’s weight loss efforts. When following a healthier lifestyle, focusing on a more balanced diet and exercise, taking serotonin supplements have been shown to boost serotonin levels, promoting weight loss.

Obesity and Serotonin Diet Pills

Obesity is currently an epidemic, threatening the health of millions and costing the United States billions of dollars each year. In 2008, the annual cost of obesity was nearly $150 billions dollars, as individuals who are obese experience medical costs that were $1400 more than the average person.

Based on research over the past decade, factors relating to appetite have been shown to influence one’s level of success when aiming to lose weight. Due to this research, supplements which boost serotonin levels may help reduce appetite and better control hunger cravings.

Your appetite is controlled by a number of chemicals, including ghrelin and leptin, as well as hormones that stimulate the vagus nerve. One of the key chemicals that influences appetite is, of course, serotonin. This brain chemical is both a neurotransmitter and hormone, which signals how much food is available.

When food is available and we’re able to consume carbs and other sources of glucose, serotonin levels are enhanced. When food becomes more scarce, serotonin levels dip and we begin to crave energy-dense food sources. By taking serotonin energy pills, you’re able to trick your brain into thinking that you need less food in order to lose weight.

How Does Serotonin Pills Work?

Serotonin is produced in the pineal gland, known as the feel-good hormone. It is synthesized from the amino acid tryptophan which is first converted into 5-HTP, then converted into serotonin. This neurotransmitter not only controls appetite, but also mood, sleep cycles, and bladder function.

Those who exhibit low serotonin levels, often manifest symptoms such as depression, anxiety, impaired judgement, weakness, irritability, compulsive behavior, bipolar disorder, and weight gain. This is especially apparent within the winter months, as more than 25 million Americans suffer from seasonal affective disorder. This lingering type of depression affects more women than men and is caused by low levels of serotonin.

How Serotonin Levels Influence Food Cravings

When experiencing low levels of serotonin, issues with weight gain occur. Research shows that when serotonin levels are low, the body craves foods that are high in carbohydrates. Neuron function and the amount of serotonin released, is highly dependent on food intake. Greater carbohydrate consumption causes a release in serotonin.

Although serotonin precursors, such as tryptophan, are high in protein-rich foods, eating protein does not trigger the same release. It’s believed that this may be due to the amino acids found in protein, which compete with tryptophan in order to access the blood-brain barrier.

We all understand the basic relationship between food and mood, right? That is why ice cream is often associated with a break-up and everyone tends to have their personal favourite when they feel emotionally low. Although these foods temporarily improve mood and energy levels, individuals often experience a period where they crash, experiencing low energy levels and increased irritability.

This irritability and poor mood may be due to one’s desire to consume more carbohydrate-rich foods. Using carbohydrates as a mood-booster is a concern regarding obesity and weight gain. Those who emotionally eat, are at a great risk for both weight issues and overall health complications.

When giving into these urges, individuals may experience increased symptoms of depression, low self-esteem, weight gain, and reduce appetite control. When taking a serotonin supplement, you can essentially reduce cravings and maintain stable neurotransmitter levels. Based on the effects of serotonin diet pills, users not only achieve greater dieting success, but they also experience improved mood.

How Serotonin Influences Appetite

While focusing on appetite, serotonin levels can dramatically influence behavior. This chemical is what’s known as nature’s appetite suppressant, regulating digestive functioning. It also controls muscle contractions relating to food within our intestines. When serotonin levels are high, appetite signalling is suppressed, curbing cravings and creating the satisfaction of being full.

When you experience a feeling of satiety, you tend to eat less and in turn, lose weight. Many individuals are now taking advantage of serotonin diet pills, reporting that they eat less without much effort. Throughout various research studies, individuals who were given serotonin naturally consumed fewer calories throughout the day.

When calorie consumption dips, weight loss is the result. Research trials have confirmed serotonin’s ability to reduce appetite and promote effective and safe weight loss. In one specific study, obese individuals were given 900 mg 5-HTP pills, over the course of 12 weeks. One group was told to not make any changes to their diet, while the second group was put on a strict calorie restriction.

At the end of the study period, both groups lost weight. The first group lost an average of 1.7 kg and the second lost an average of 3.3 kg. This clearly shows that serotonin diet pills can help users lose weight, without making serious changes to their diet.

It also showed, that when taking serotonin pills and making lifestyle changes, you can significantly increase the amount of weight you lose. To naturally boost levels, you can also reduce your intake of alcohol and caffeine, avoid smoking, manage stress levels, increase your sun exposure, exercise regularly, and consume a nutrient-rich diet.

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Lose Weight with Irvingia Extract

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Weight-loss is a tough battle which is why so many people are gaining the support of natural dietary supplements. Irvingia extract is a supplement that helps reverse symptoms of leptin resistance, boosting weight loss. More commonly known as African mango, this extract has also been shown to reduce LDL or bad cholesterol levels while promoting HDL or good cholesterol levels.

While focusing on weight loss, Irvingia extract has the ability to reduce cravings and overall appetite. In comparison to various stimulant diet pills, this extract is a much safer alternative. By working with the natural functioning of your body, this supplement can help you reach your goals. When combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise, the benefits are even greater.

Understanding Leptin and Adipocyte Cells

In order to better understand how this extract works, it’s important to focus on what leptin is. Leptin is a hormone which helps regulate your appetite by sending signals to the brain. When these signals are received by the hypothalamus, signals regarding hunger are then regulated and controlled.

Not only does this extract increase the brain’s sensitivity to leptin, controlling hunger, as a result, but it also stimulates the burning of fatty tissues. Fat storage cells known as adipocyte cells produce leptin and can be found throughout the body.

These cells store fat when energy is needed and they utilize leptin in order to communicate with the brain. When fat stores need to be replenished, the brain receives the signal that it’s time to eat. Leptin may be one of the most important hormones regarding your lifespan, along with insulin.

Both leptin and insulin resistance are linked to weight issues. If you struggle with your weight, you know that hunger can hinder your ability to stay on-track. In order to better regulate hunger, you need better control over the hormones that influence hunger, primarily leptin.

How Leptin Influences Appetite

When levels of leptin are high, your brain is told that the body is satisfied after a meal. Meaning, after you eat a nutritious meal and your body has the nutrients it needs in order to support metabolism, adipocyte cells produce and release leptin. In turn, the signal that produces hunger is shut down.

In theory, this would work every time under normal circumstances. The reality is, some individuals are less sensitive to the effects of leptin. In order for the hunger signal to shut down, chemical messages need to be recognized by the brain. If this isn’t the case, individuals will continue to eat without ever feeling satisfied.

Just as those with type-2 diabetes become insulin-resistant, individuals can become leptin-resistant when exposed to high levels or this hormone for extended periods of time. When you consume a diet that is high in sugar and processed foods, for instance, sugar becomes metabolize within your fat cells, releases surges of leptin.

Over time, if your body is exposed to too much leptin, resistance occurs. Since this is the reality for many individuals, Irvingia extract can help enhance leptin sensitivity. When combined with a balanced diet and exercise, this extract can help target leptin resistance, encouraging a healthier weight.

Improving Leptin Resistance to Promote Weight Loss

When taking this extract, individuals become more responsive to leptin. The only way to reestablish leptin signaling is to prevent these surges in leptin. Consuming a diet that is low in sugar and high in healthy fats, along with supplements that enhance leptin sensitivity will help you regain the proper feedback regarding this hormone.

As mentioned, Irvingia extract makes the brain more responsive to leptin, helping to better control hunger signals. After being tested in rodents, increased leptin levels were observed, along with decreased overeating and obesity. When studied in humans, the results were surprising.

It was believed that overweight individuals would exhibit low leptin levels. Based on low levels, the brain would not receive signals that the individual was satisfied and hunger signals would continue. What was found instead, was that the majority of obese individuals have high levels of leptin. How can this be?

As mentioned above, if hormone levels are too high, the body and brain become desensitized. Adipocytes grow in size and the number of these cells grow, releasing high amounts of leptin. Since levels become excessive, the hypothalamus becomes desensitized. In order to be activated, they require even high levels which are not being met.

When studying obese individuals, it’s been found that these individuals do in fact have enough leptin circulating throughout their body. The key issue isn’t the levels of leptin, but the brain’s response to these levels. Although there aren’t definite causes of leptin resistance, two keys factors are believed to play a significant role.

The first hypothesis is that the leptin that’s circulating through the body is not reaching hunger-related receptors in order to generate the appropriate response. Secondly, it’s believed that the receptors have stopped working properly. Either way, the individual affected is left feeling consistently hungry.

Since hunger leads to overeating, this directly threatens one’s weight. Once weight is gained, it can be tough to lose. In turn, individuals experience an increased risk of weight-related health complications, including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke, and much more. So, where does Irvingia extract come into play?

Taking Irvingia Extract to Lose Weight

In order to target leptin resistance, Irvingia extract has been shown to improve leptin sensitivity. It’s unclear how this works exactly, however, some studies have reported that this extract down-regulates leptin expression. Meaning, it may help restore normal levels in terms of receptor sensitivity.

For overall weight loss support, this extract inhibits the formation of new adipocytes. It also increases the expression of adiponectin which is a hormone known to metabolize lipids and regulate glucose. In various studies, it’s been shown that those who have high levels of this hormone, tend to have a low bodyweight.

In fact, within research trails, positive effects were found. When taking Irvingia seed extract at doses of 1.05 grams three times daily, in combination with an 1800 kcal diet, the average individual lost 4 kg over four weeks. In comparison, the placebo group didn’t lose any weight.

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Lose Weight & Boost Your Health with White Kidney Bean Extract

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Obesity is plaguing western society, significantly increasing the risk of serious health complications. When consuming white kidney bean extract, individuals are able to target cravings, fat mass, and overall weight loss. Benefits are significant while side effects are minor and short-term.

Also referred to as cannellini beans, white kidney beans offer high concentrations of a phytochemical in which blocks carbohydrates. By interfering with the digestion of high carb foods, less glycogen is stored in the liver and fewer calories are stored as fat.

How Does White Kidney Bean Work?

As mentioned, white kidney bean helps reduce the metabolism of carbohydrates, reducing the number of calories that enter your circulatory system. This leads to a reduction in fat storage and ultimately weight-loss. Although many are eager to lose weight, white kidney bean extract can do a lot more than boost self-esteem.

When blocking carbohydrate digestion in order to reduce fat storage, phaseolamin plays a key role. This phytochemical inhibits alpha-amylase, the enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates into more digestible pieces. This process normally begins within the mouth as salivary glands kickstart digestion.

From the mouth, food passes into the stomach before reaching the small intestine. The pancreas then releases alpha-amylase targeting carbohydrate breakdown. When an inhibitor is present, alpha-amylase is effected. This causes some carbs to pass through into the large intestine which are either partially digested or completely undigested.

Within the large intestine, these calories are then fermented or expelled. Overall, the end result is fewer calories being absorbed, reducing calorie intake. When this reduction is significant based on the effects of white bean extract, weight loss occurs.

Benefits of White Kidney Bean Extract

Multiple studies have reported positive effects regarding white kidney bean extract in terms of weight loss. In one 30-day study, those in the experimental group lost six pounds in comparison to the placebo group who lost less than one pound. A loss of fat mass, a reduction in cravings, and a lower waist circumference were also experienced in those that consumed white bean extract.

In terms of losing weight, fat loss and a reduction in cravings are beneficial, however, the benefits do not end there. By naturally losing weight, you also reduce your risk of cardiovascular complications, including heart disease, atherosclerosis, and hypertension. By targeting your weight now, you reduce your risk of chronic obesity which leads to significant health complications, including strokes and diabetes.

Speaking of positive effects, white kidney bean extract can also protect your heart. If you have struggled with your weight for an extended period of time, your cardiovascular health is an area in which you should focus on. Of course, it’s positive effects on weight will directly impact heart health, but this extract also offers a range of other heart-related benefits.

When taking white kidney bean extract, it has been shown to decrease triglyceride levels, lower LDL cholesterol levels while increasing HDL or good cholesterol levels, and reduce one’s risk of heart disease. Considering heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in North America, it’s essential that you care for this organ.

Effect of White Kidney Bean Extract on Colon Cancer

When supplementing with white kidney bean extract, the effects are similar to consuming an increased intake of dietary fiber. Although this extract yields numerous benefits based on metabolizing fewer carbs, it also is promising regarding colon health benefits.

These anticancer effects are believed to increase the amount of butyric acids, propionic acids, and acetic acids which are byproducts of undigested carbs based on the fermentation process in the large intestine. These benefits help reverse and prevent colon cancer, protecting one’s future health.

Taking White Kidney Bean Extract for Diabetes

Diabetes is a current health epidemic, affecting millions across the world. Approximately 95 percent of those with diabetes suffer from type-2 which is directly linked to weight and a poor diet. There’s been research showing that white bean extract could potentially help manage symptoms of diabetes.

Research has shown that white bean extract may improve prediabetic and type-2 diabetes symptoms, protecting one’s overall well-being. Following a high-carb meal, this extract can help utilize glucose in the blood, preventing dramatic spikes. In turn, it may reduce insulin resistance. If you are currently on medication for diabetic or prediabetic symptoms, it’s important to speak with your doctor regarding possible interactions.

Are There Any Side Effects of White Kidney Extract?

At this time, no significant or long-term side effects have been reported when taking this supplement. With that being said, based on the ways in which this extract influences blood glucose levels, this extract is not recommended for diabetics or anyone who suffers from conditions which cause hypoglycemia without first speaking to their doctor.

This is due to possible drug interactions, causing low blood sugar. Aside from diabetics, any women that are pregnant or nursing, patients who have scheduled upcoming surgeries, and those with kidney or liver conditions should refrain from taking this medication.

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Does the Serotonin Diet Actually Work for Weight-Loss?

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There are so many diets surfacing all the time, it’s hard to know which one’s are truly effective. When attempting to lose weight, there’s no quick fix. You need to make lifestyle changes, promoting a healthier version of yourself. Some diets have you count calories, while others eliminate any form of carbs.

The serotonin diet is a food plan that ensures the production of serotonin. Basically, this diet tries to optimize serotonin production, through carbohydrates and proteins. When you are low on serotonin, your brain sends a signal to eat starchy or sweet foods. The main purpose of this diet is to eliminate these cravings, so that weight-loss can be achieved, while improving one’s overall mood.

How Does the Serotonin Diet Work?

When focusing on this new diet, participants control their intake of proteins and carbohydrates. This control is based on optimizing serotonin production. In order for serotonin to be produced, it relies on a number of precursors, including 5-HTP, vitamin D, tryptophan, and B vitamins.

When your body breaks down tryptophan, 5-HTP is produced naturally. However, 5-HTP supplements are available, becoming increasingly popular. When producing serotonin either tryptophan or 5-HTP need to access the brain, via the blood-brain barrier.

When serotonin levels are normal, your body and brain have the ability to gauge food scarcity. If we are eating food on a regular basis, serotonin levels are typically high. However, when these levels drop, our brains send a signal, triggering our appetite. This encourages us to eat.

How is Serotonin Linked to Body Weight?

Our brain has the ability to measure serotonin levels, sending a signal when it falls below a certain threshold. Once this occurs, a signal is sent to consume carbohydrates. Within the body, carbs are turned into glucose, which is used as a source of fuel. This fuel aids in the production process.

Once enough glucose is available, the cravings associated with carbohydrates tend to diminish. If your serotonin levels are low due to poor lifestyle choices, then this system could cause you to overeat. As we now know, excessive carbohydrate consumption is linked to weight-gain.

Obesity is on the rise, affecting millions worldwide. This epidemic is being cause by poor lifestyles; easily available, cheap food options; social influences; and our genetics. Although your genetics are not within your control, you can control your lifestyle choices.

Basically, serotonin works as a natural appetite suppressant. Not only will you feel satisfied in terms of your stomach, but you will also maintain a more stable mood. It is made, after sweet or starchy carbohydrates are consumed. In fact, studies have found that when participants consumed a carbohydrate drink before a meal, they were less hungry, and consumed less calories.

What Does the Serotonin Diet Consist Of?

While focusing on the serotonin diet, it has many similarities to other conventional diet options. This diet encourages individuals to eat a controlled amount of carbohydrates, sticking to a schedule. It has been found that foods which are high on the glycemic scale, encourage fat storage. Typically, foods that are high-glycemic options, are carbohydrates and fats.

When our blood sugar rises (due to the consumption of high-glycemic foods), insulin is released. Once insulin is within the bloodstream, it encourages tryptophan to enter the brain (via the blood-brain barrier). This helps to kickstart serotonin synthesis, making individuals feel more relaxed.

If you are always hungry, then you may not be choosing the right types of food items. When you lack the right precursors to produce serotonin, you can experience hunger. If your body senses that you’re consuming less, your serotonin levels drop, then you begin to crave your next meal. This can cause individuals to give-in to their carb cravings, which increases serotonin, but only short-term.

The key in this diet, is cutting calorie intake, while avoiding the associated cravings. How is this achieved? Well, when taking supplements of 5-HTP and tryptophan, you help suppress your appetite. Multiple studies have shown a correlation between 5-HTP supplements and weight-loss.

In one study, it was found that those who were taking a 5-HTP supplement, consumed 500 less calories on a daily basis (in comparison to a placebo group). When you consume 500 less calories daily, that equates to one pound of lost fat each week.

Is the Serotonin Diet for You?

When trying to eliminate symptoms of depression, many begin to take anti-depressants. These work by encouraging serotonin re-uptake. However, when taking these medications, many experience weight-gain. Our serotonin levels have a strong influence on appetite, which is directly correlated to our weight.

If you have gained weight due to antidepressants, then this diet is especially beneficial for you. Like all diets, it is not a ‘heal-all’ miracle plan. You need to start making healthier lifestyle choices as a whole, in order for this diet to be the most effective.

When trying to achieve a more positive mood and healthy weight, you need to; exercise on a regular basis, manage your food intake, stay hydrated, and manage your stress levels. The serotonin diet attempts to balance your intake of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

By creating this balance, you can increase your serotonin levels. When there is a constant supply available, appetite is controlled, mood and libido are enhanced, sleep is improved, as well as one’s overall quality of life. Remember, 5-HTP and tryptophan supplements are natural precursors to this vital neurotransmitter.

Other Natural Ways to Boost Serotonin Levels

Food and your diet, are most certainly the best way to start implementing changes in terms of weight and mood. However, there are also a number of others options, which promote a higher quality of life. As mentioned, you can influence your weight with natural supplements.

5-HTP has the ability to curve your hunger. In one study, women were either given 5-HTP or a placebo for a 12-week period. The results showed that 5-HTP has positive effects on weight-loss. The women in the experimental group lost 10 pounds, in comparison to just 2 pounds within the placebo group.

As mentioned, B-vitamins are an important precursor regarding serotonin production. Vitamins B1, B3, B6, and B9, all help convert tryptophan into serotonin. If you are deficient in any of these, it can influence poor serotonin levels. Fish and meat are the highest sources. For vegetarians, fortified cereals, seeds, and nuts, are great sources as well.

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Nootropics and Supplements for Weight-Loss

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The weight-loss industry is booming, as more and more individuals battle their weight. We tend to look for the easiest solutions when it comes to dieting and losing weight. Weight-loss is something that you need to be dedicated to, as it takes time and commitment. It’s not always easy, but there are various supplements that can aid in your weight-loss journey.

Nootropics are generally viewed as cognitive enhancers. Although this is true, they also provide various other benefits. There are active ingredients in various nootropics that will help you shed that extra weight. As long as you are consistent and maintain a healthy diet, nootropics can be a great addition to your weight-loss routine.

Nootropics That Help You Lose Weight

If you have been battling your weight for a while now, you may need to tweak your approach. There are many weight-loss pills that promise big results, yet they tend to fall short. You also need to be careful with what pills you’re consuming.

The following nootropics and supplements have been known to positively impact weight-loss. If you’re already familiar with nootropics, why not add one of these options to your stack?

Acetyl L-Carnitine

This nootropic is known to enhance one’s cognitive ability. However, there’s also interest in Acetyl L-Carnitine to lose weight and burn more fat. It works by promoting the uptake of fatty acids, so you burn stored fat to gain energy.

Acetyl L-Carnitine is essential for energy metabolism, as it helps transport lipids to cells in order to be used for energy. This is known oxidation, since fat is being converted into energy. After taking this nootropic, oxidation tends to increase. Due to these effects, it’s believed to enhance weight-loss.

Basically, consuming Acetyl L-Carnitine forces fatty acids into the mitochondria to be converted into energy. Due to an increase in lipid metabolism, weight-loss is one of the key benefits. Since this nootropic increases fat burning without affecting muscle mass, it’s ideal for both athletes and bodybuilders.

If you want to lose weight, you should typically take a dose between 500 and 1500 mg per day. However, if you’re engaged in a weight-loss program, it’s not uncommon to take between 2000 mg and 3000 mg per day. Start with a low dose and test your tolerance, this will help counteract any potential side-effects.


Taking choline has proven to be an effective technique for weight-loss. Although it’s not the strongest option, it does not create the side-effects associated with many other weight-loss pills. It also provides numerous benefits, aiding in cognition as well.

Our bodies can produce choline in small doses, however we gain most choline through our diet. Foods high in choline include fish, liver, eggs, and much more. Although these items contains choline, most individuals do not consume enough. This is why they supplement, as it ensures that the recommended dose is being administered.

Choline is essential for various processes within the body, including nerve cell function, brain function, and metabolic functions of the liver. If not enough choline is consumed, you can actually develop fatty liver disease. This is when fat accumulates within the liver.

Like Acetyl L-Carnitine, choline has a lipotropic effect. This means that it encourages fat to be used as energy, instead of using sources such as glucose. It also aids in liver function, breaking down and eliminating fat this ‘trapped.’

Since choline promotes lipolysis, it burns more fat than your typical metabolic rate would.This not only helps with steady weight-loss, but also prevents further weight gain. Although it does not provide the strongest results, it’s an excellent addition to any natural diet regimen or stack.

Many athletes and bodybuilders will use choline in a stack. It is generally stacked with Carnitine and caffeine, as this creates a powerful weight-loss mixture. Choline and Carnitine would together to supply cells with fat, meaning lipids are metabolized quicker.

Caffeine boosts your metabolism, while increasing levels of norepinephrine. This increases energy while burning more fat. If you’re looking for faster results, consider a stronger version of choline, which is known as Alpha GPC. This supplement is a more potent choice, leading to additional fat and weight-loss.


Although this ‘smart drug,’ is known for its cognitive effects, it also plays a role in weight-loss. This supplements was originally developed to help minimize symptoms of sleeping disorders. It allows users to stay alert throughout the day, being a great solution for narcolepsy.

In the past, diet pills included amphetamines to curb one’s appetite. This made users heart rate increase, which is dangerous. Modafinil also curbs appetite, but it doesn’t spike the body’s dopamine or norepinephrine levels. This means that no serious side-effects are experienced, such as increased blood pressure or heart rate.

Although the mechanisms aren’t fully understood, when users took either Modafinil or Provigil, they were able to lose weight and keep it off. Over the course of a year, some individuals experienced as much as a 10-point change in their body mass index (BMI).

Another theory suggests that you lose more calories when you’re awake. Since Modafinil increases wakefulness, this may lead to a boosted metabolism. When this is combined with its appetite suppressing benefits, users can lose weight and maintain their weight respectively.

Adrafinil produces identical effects to Modafinil, which means that it also aids in weight-loss. Adrafinil is a common alternative to Modafinil or Provigil. In fact, Adrafinil is a precursor to Modafini, therefore the body can convert one of these to the other. This supplement does not require a prescription; it is legal and cost-effective.

Lifestyle Changes

The key to weight-loss success if your everyday habits and routines. Adding nootropics to a stack or to your weight-loss regime is highly beneficial, but only if you focus on all aspects of weight-loss. You need to focus on your diet and activity level, as well as supplementation.

Eat a varied, balanced diet; increase your levels of fitness; and supplement. If you follow this routine, you will lose weight in no time. Explore you options within the nootropic world, as they produce a lot less negative effects in comparison to most weight-loss pills.